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        Dear partners,


 we are pleased to invite you to

the 59. International Machinery

                Fair in Brno.

 We would like to welcome you

from 9th to 13th of October, 2017

  in displayed stand of French -

  Czech chamber of commerce,

    together company SIEBEC:


      Hall V - displayed stand

                   No. 048I.

    Spend some time with us.


      We are looking forward

               to meet you.

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Filtration Assembly for Chemical Solutions and Aggressive Liquids

Filtration devices are designed for soft or very soft mechanical filtration of chemical solutions and aggressive liquids filtration. They are useful mainly in the surface treatment plants. The advantage of those filters lies in the possibility of replacing the filtration elements without the need to replace the whole apparatus. SIEBEC company centrifugal pumps are used in the assemblies. SIEBEC has a long-term tradition in producing pumps and filtration devices. 

Filtering devices

Filtration devices made in cooperation with a French company SIEBEC are designed for soft filtration of aggressive liquids.

They are mainly used in galvanising plants and for chemical solutions filtration. Their construction and used material (pressed parts made of PP, EPDM or FPM seal) ensures a long service life, simple maintenance and filtration elements replacement. They are equipped with non-gasket-pumps with a magnetic coupling (type M) or pumps with a mechanical shaft seal (type A), which enable automatic repumping from size M35 and higher up. Standard filter input and output is ended by union nuts or hose fittings, if required. All filters can be delivered with a controlling manometer with a dividing membrane, electroinstallment with a motor starter, dry running safety sensor, hoses, sucking baskets, armature fittings, etc.