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DEMI - for technological demiwater preparation

DEMI is a device for technological demiwater preparation. Performance and quality parameters are according to customer requirements.

Demi-stations of type series DEMI are designed for demineralized water production. No chemicals are used, therefore problems with waste water neutralization are eliminated.

Demineralization of inlet raw water proceeds on reverse osmosis principle. Mechanical impurities in raw water are entrapped with a filter which is part of basic equipment. Water pretreatment for RO is solved individually and completed with particular equipments according to specific composition of raw water.

Inlet medium is drinking water acc. to Council directive 80/778/ECC, or possibly water specified by client.

Demi-stations are supplied in two versions:

  1. Basic model:
    • Device without controlling measuring microprocessor control unit
    • Floor type only without outer steel-sheet covering
  2. Fully automatic operation with microprocessing control system

Utility areas:

  • Chemical industry
  • Galvanizing plants
  • Neutralizing stations
  • Food industry
  • Boiler houses
Single stage demistations
Equipment Product Output [l/hr]

for T=15oC

Conductivity of input water [µS/cm] Min. pressure of input water Temperature of input water Power of supply Weight [kg] Dimensions [mm]
DEMI 100 8-30 µS/cm 100 1000 0,3


5 - 25 oC 3x400V

2,2 kW

160 800/550/1630
DEMI 200 200
DEMI 300 300 170
DEMI 400 400
DEMI 500 500 180
DEMI 600 600
DEMI 700 700 3 x 400V

4 kW

230 1320/550/1630
DEMI 800 800
DEMI 900 900
DEMI 1000 1000 240
DEMI 1100 1100
DEMI 1200 1200
Double-stage demistations
Equipment Product Output [l/hr]

for T=15oC

Conductivity of input water [µS/cm] Min. pressure of input water [MPa] Temperature of input water

Input power

Weight [kg] Dimensions [mm]
DEMI 50/2 2 - 10 µS/cm 50 1000 0,3 5 - 25 oC 3 x 400V

2,2 kW

170 800/550/1630
DEMI 100/2 100 180
DEMI 150/2 150 230 1320/550/1630
DEMI 200/2 200 240

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