Production of pure and laboratory water with guarantee and tradition

Drinking and Supply Water

The equipment and components of this category guarantee the quality of water in accordance with the applicable legislation and standards. This operation involves filtration to remove mechanical particles, iron, manganese and nitrate elimination, water softening, sanitation etc.

FIWA - iron and manganese removal from water

Flow-through manual or automatic device for mechanical filtration, iron and manganese removal and dechloration. It can be a part of water adjustment for family houses, cottages, guest houses, hotels and other types of accomodation, settlements, villages and urban areas.

SOWA - equipment for water softening

Sowa is a device, which removes water hardness with a through-flow method under constant water pressure and with minimum energy consumption demands. Hard water adjustment for large capacity usage with a flow-through over 1 000 l/hr. This device is suitable for water adjustment in households, industry or pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

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