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EDI elektrodeionization

Electrodeionization is a new and modern technology (ionexes put into an electric field) for very low conductivity demiwater production. The electrodeionization process is applied as a terminal level of full demiwater cleaning produced by reverse osmosis. This produces a demiwater with conductivity of 10 - 15 MΩ/cm. It is a low-energy process, in which ionexchangers are continually regenerated in the electric field. This ensures a continual production of demineralized water of a constant quality, without the need of a chemical regeneration of the ionex resin.


  • Unit size - from 50 l/hr to 20 m3/hr
  • Inlet conductivity - max. 30 μS/cm
  • Product quality - max. 0,1 μS/cm

Pro prumysl EDI14 02

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