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IWA 5 - Kit series on reverse osmosis base

Kit series of fully automatic assembly on reverse osmosis base. Max. efficiency is 3-10 l/hr. The devices are designed for very pure and ultra pure water production from drinking water by reverse osmosis with conductivity below 1 µS/cm or 15-18 MΩ/cm and producing 3-15 l/hr. Fully controlled by microprocessor system.

Model IWA * ro

  • reverse osmosis

Model IWA * ros

  • reverse osmosis
  • ionexchanger full cleaning
  • fully automatic microbial treatment

Model IWA * roso

  • reverse osmosis
  • special ionexchanger cleaning of demineralized water 15-18,2 MΩ/cm
  • fully automatic microbial treatment of destilled water - demineralized water

The system contains 3 cleaning blocks

  • pre-cleaning by IWA-FA module, which removes mechanical particles and chlorine from the water
  • reverse-osmosis module, which removes anorganic ionts with an effectivity of 95-99%, organic substances up to 99% and bacteria and microorganisms
  • final cleaning by ionexchanger in IWA-II module to a value below 1 µS/cm or in IWA-IO block with special ORGANIT filling, which is able to clean output water to a value of 15-18 MΩ/cm and eliminate TOC substances.

Machine advantages

  • water pretrement water before the reverse osmosis (IWA-FA module)
  • reverse osmosis (reverse-osmosis module)
  • automatic operation in connection with water level switch in the container
  • function allowing the product output often achieveing the required water quality
  • periodic automatic flush, avoiding impurities and growing of microorganisms
  • cleaning allowing sanitation process by chlorine tablets
  • alfanumeric display displaying measured, autodiagnosed parameters and other functions
  • final full cleaning of output water with the help of ionexchange treatment (IWA-II or IWA-IO)
  • output microbial filter
  • simple module replacement


IWA *ro

  • water for accumulators

IWA *ros

  • health services
  • laboratories
  • pharmacies

IWA *roso

  • water for special analytical purposes
EquipmentProductOutput [l/hr]Input water [µS/cm]Pressure [MPa]Temperature [oC]

Input power [w]

Weight [kg]Dimensions [mm]
IWA 3 ro cca 8 µS/cm 3 1000 1 5-30 80 23 310 x 335 x 455
ros max. 1µS/cm
roso 15-18,2 MΩ
IWA 5 ro cca 8 µS/cm 5 1000 1 5-30 80 23 310 x 335 x 455
ros max. 1µS/cm
roso 15-18,2 MΩ
IWA 10 ro cca 8 µS/cm 10 1000 1 5-30 80 24 310 x 335 x 455
ros max. 1µS/cm
IWA 15 ro cca 8 µS/cm 15 1000 1 5-30 80 25 310 x 335 x 455
ros max. 1µS/cm

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