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NIWA - content decreasing of nitrates in water

NIWA is a through-flow device, which decreases content of nitrates below level indicated in drinking water standards and regulations under constant water pressure.

The devices with rate of flow up to 800 l/hr are formed by one compact unit, larger devices are divided (ion exchanger column + brine tank). Automatic valve control according to time or according to rate of flow. Adjusted water is pressurized.

Usage, application

NIWA may be used in places with undesirable high levels of nitrates, such as:

  • households
  • settlements, villages etc.
  • kitchens
  • restaurant, hotels
  • nursery schools, schools, creches
  • boarding schools, hostels
  • hospitals, medical institutions
  • holiday resorts
  • food producing plants
  • bakeries, confectioneries
  • smoked meat production plants
  • beverages production plants
Basic technical information
NIWA C10 C15 C20
Max. rate of flow (l/hr) 400 600 800
K100 (m3/cycle) 2,5 4 5,5
Dimensions (l x w x h) 310 x 310 x 1100
Salt consumption (kg/reg) 2,5 3,75 5
Waste water (l/reg) 150 200 250
Weight without salt (kg) 20 25 30

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