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Product Catalogue

Our catalogue of the equipment and the equipment assembly for water treatment is intended to help you to select the best solution for your specific demands on the quality of finished water. Our experts are ready to answer any questions and to help you to select optimal equipment. If you are not successful in finding a suitable device, do not hesitate to contact us – we are able to design and manufacture the equipment according to your specific system operation and finished water quality requirements.

The devices are used to produce purified water for the laboratory and analytical purposes. Their design reflects the newest technological approaches – reverse osmosis, ion-exchangers, mixed ion-exchangers MIX-BED, electrodeionisation. The output is a product, whose quality is incomparable with the one obtained via traditional methods e.g. heat distillation. Low production and maintenance costs represent some of the additional advantages. The water produced conforms to following standards: ISO 3696 – type I,II and III, ASTM – type I, II , III, IV, NCCLS – type I, II , III and others.


  • Health care - Clinical Biochemistry, Sterilization, Hematology
  • Pharmacies - Medicaments production
  • Chemical laboratories - Measuring analysis, Chromatography, Polarography, Photometry, Spectral analysis, Instrumental analysis
  • School labs

Modular concept of the equipment assembly enables the production of pure water for industry with full respects to customer requirements on the volume as well as the quality (water filtration, water softening, demi water, special technologies). We are able to recycle rinse water back to operation by ionex technology circular cleaning of the chosen rinse water. We apply ionex technology also on full cleaning of waste water contaminated by heavy metals. Our choice of the technology strictly considers your requirements on the engineering solution and the quality of the product.


  • Galvanizers, Paint shops
  • Biotechnology
  • Food and Distilling industry
  • Cosmetics production
  • Boiler houses and Heating systems
  • Cooling and Moisturizing
  • Cutting emulsions preparation
  • Electronics
  • Rinse water circular cleaning
  • Full cleaning of waste water contaminated by heavy metals



The equipment and components of this category guarantee the quality of water in accordance with the applicable legislation and standards. This operation involves filtration to remove mechanical particles, iron, manganese and nitrate elimination, water softening, sanitation etc.

We deliver pneumatic diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps particularly suitable for pumping chemical solutions and aggressive liquids. We are also capable of delivering dosing pumps made of different materials, which enables the use for dosing of most of chemical solutions.

We offer pneumatic double membrane pumps in PP, PVDF, POM, ALU a SS316. These pneumatic diaphragm pumps are suitable for pumping and dosing of chemical substances, fuels, oils, food products etc., are the result of our cooperation with an Italian company INJECTA.

Centrifugal pumps material can be PP and PVDF - both no-gasket-pumps with magnetic seal and classic gasket ones can be delivered. These pumps are a result of our cooperation with a French company SIEBEC, which has a long–term tradition in pump and filtration assembly manufacture and the filtration agressive liquids.

We provide full service and spare parts delivery on the whole sortiment. We have all the spare parts for most-used pumps on stock.

Filtration devices are designed for soft or very soft mechanical filtration of chemical solutions and aggressive liquids filtration. They are useful mainly in the surface treatment plants. The advantage of those filters lies in the possibility of replacing the filtration elements without the need to replace the whole apparatus. SIEBEC company centrifugal pumps are used in the assemblies. SIEBEC has a long-term tradition in producing pumps and filtration devices. 

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