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SOWA - equipment for water softening

Sowa is a device, which removes water hardness with a through-flow method under constant water pressure and with minimum energy consumption demands. Hard water adjustment for large capacity usage with a flow-through over 1 000 l/hr. This device is suitable for water adjustment in households, industry or pretreatment for reverse osmosis.

A special filling removes calcium and magnesium in exchange for sodium. An automatic valve head ensures regular repeated filter filling regeneration with brine solution. The regenerations are automatically launched either according to time intervals (T), or accoding to rate of softened water flow (V). The operation consists of controlling the device and an occasional pouring of the regeneration tablet salt into the brine tank.


  • Single - discontinuous soft water supply in time of regeneration (Sowa S, Sowa C)
  • Duplex - continuous soft water supply even in time of regeneration (Sowa D)

Usage, application

  • boiler houses and exchanging stations
  • big kitchens and restaurants (dishwashers)
  • car washing facilities
  • breweries, distilleries
  • paper industry
  • sheet glass manufacture
  • glass ware manufacture
  • laboratories
  • photographics industry
  • textile industry
  • manufacture and preparation of water dilutable paints
  • galvanizing plants
  • paint shops, specialy when using water dilutable paints
  • bakeries, confectionaries
  • smoked meat production plants
  • pharmacies as water pretreatment
  • hospitals for sterilizers
  • stream generators for various purposes
Basic technical information
Type of equipment I K Q* S V l x w x h [mm]
SOWA C 10 * 10 40 400 2,5 100 300 x 600 x 700
SOWA C 15 * 15 60 600 3,75 150 300 x 600 x 1200
SOWA C 25 * 25 100 1000 6,25 250 300 x 600 x 1200
SOWA C 30 * 30 120 1200 7,5 300 300 x 600 x 1200

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