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WATEK Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment complexes and single equipments for production of:

  • purified water for laboratory and technological purposes,
  • purified and pure water for industry,
  • drinking water for small town agglomerations and buildings.

We have been providing comprehensive services in the area of water-treatment since 1993. Our customers can be found around the world. To keep our customer satisfied we combine the latest technology and tradition. In response to both ordinary and unique client requirements we provide:

  • completed equipment delivery,
  • custom devices meeting the specific needs,
  • technology concept for unique requirements,
  • manufacture of single components,
  • full-scale assembly of both the equipment and equipment complex for water treatment,
  • delivery of pumps and filtration devices for chemical solutions and aggressive liquids.

Quality first

In all the equipment delivered we use the newest components made of certified materials provided with all the necessary certificates. The filtration elements, ion-exchangers and other materials used guarantee the high quality of the final products. All the devices are tested thoroughly before dispatching and all the essential features are checked.

Why chose our technology?

Guarantees and customer service worldwide

We provide one-year or two-year guarantee depending on the size of the equipment. Customer service is offered in the Sales and Service Centres all over the world. Individual service conditions can be offered at customer request.

The latest technologies

Only the newest technologies are used to ensure the quality, reliability, high power and small dimensions of the equipment delivered.

Custom manufacture

At your request we elaborate the concept of particular technology, perform the manufacture and complete assembly of the equipment or equipment complex.

Tradition and quality

We are proud of our long tradition of manufacturing quality. Every single component of our water treatment equipment reflects the long-term experience and tradition of accuracy in design and quality of all components.

Are you seeking uncompromising quality?

Our experts are readily available for you. We are happy to answer all your questions. Feel free to consult the ideal choice of suitable equipment. We can also prepare a custom design strictly respecting your assignment. Contact us and get the optimal solution straight from the manufacturer.