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We deliver pneumatic diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps particularly suitable for pumping chemical solutions and aggressive liquids. We are also capable of delivering dosing pumps made of different materials, which enables the use for dosing of most of chemical solutions.

We offer pneumatic double membrane pumps in PP, PVDF, POM, ALU a SS316. These pneumatic diaphragm pumps are suitable for pumping and dosing of chemical substances, fuels, oils, food products etc., are the result of our cooperation with an Italian company INJECTA.

Centrifugal pumps material can be PP and PVDF - both no-gasket-pumps with magnetic seal and classic gasket ones can be delivered. These pumps are a result of our cooperation with a French company SIEBEC, which has a long–term tradition in pump and filtration assembly manufacture and the filtration agressive liquids.

We provide full service and spare parts delivery on the whole sortiment. We have all the spare parts for most-used pumps on stock.


Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

GEMINI Series pneumatic diaphragm pumps from an Italien company INJECTA. The draft of the new double diaphragm pumps, it is mainly developer around the air distribution system, the diaphragms high technology, the pumping chambers geometry and the valves system. This in order to extend the functionality, not only for transfer but also for dosing. The result is an innovative product with next-generation solutions. These pneumatic diaphragm pumps are suitable to spaces with a danger of explosion, to a food industry etc.


Pumps with magnetic coupling

Pumping power 0,7 up to 40 m3/h, head of the pump 4 up to 22 mvs.Centrifugal pumps type M 7 to M 390 with magnetic coupling are manufactured by company WATEK s. r. o., in co-operation with French company SlEBEC.


Pumps with mechanical shaft seal

Reliable pumps with mechanical shaft seal made of silicon carbide. Output 4,8 up to 57 m3, head of the pump 9 up to 50 mvs. Centrifugal pumps with mechanical shaft seal type A are manufactured by company WATEK s. r. o., in co-operation with French company SlEBEC.


Vertical pumps

Special vertical centrifugal pumps for installation into galvanizing tanks. Pumping power 5 - 22 m3/hr, head of pump 6 - 18,5 mvs. Vertical pumps are manufactured by French company SIEBEC. This company manufactures, with long-term tradition, quality pumps and filter devices for corrosive media, sale and service is provided by company WATEK s.r.o.


Dosing pumps with solenoid drive INJECTA

Electromagnetic dosing pumps manufactured by the Italian company INJECTA. We offer these dosing pumps in various material designs, which enables them to be used for dosing most chemicals. They are of simple construction, which results in their reliability, low maintenance, simple operation and low purchase price.


Dosing pumps-electromagnetically driven ETATRON

Electromagnetic membrane dosing pumps suitable for chemicals dosing, are produced by the Italien company ETATRON. They have a simple construction, which makes them a reliable, easy-to-use and low-cost device. Sale and service is provided by company WATEK s.r.o..


Dosing pumps with INJECTA motor drive

Dosing pumps with motor drive designed for dosing chemicals are manufactured by the Italian company INJECTA. These motorized dosing pumps are of simple design, thus easy to maintain. Pumps are manufactured in piston or diaphragm design. Pistons can be made of stainless steel or ceramic. The membranes are made of PTFE.

Power adjustment comes manually, by changing the stroke with a micrometric screw, or by a servo motor controlled by a 4-20 mA signal or a frequency converter. IP55 protection, insulation class F.


Dosing pumps-electrical motor driven ETATRON

Motor driven dosing pumps for chemical dosing are manufactured by Italien company ETATRON. These pumps are of simple design and of simple maintenance. There are two versions - piston or membrane. The main material of the pumps heads and valves, which are in contact with the pumped media, is stainless steel (AISI 316) or PVC. On request also made in version PVDF or PP.

Manual, micrometric screw lift regulated, or servomotor-controlled signal (4 - 20 mA), frequency exchanger power adjustment.


Peristaltic dosing pumps

Multifunctional peristaltic pumps are manufactured by the Italian company INJECTA. Peristaltic pumps are often used where very precise dosing of chemicals is required. The amount of dispensed liquid taken is given by the number of revolutions of the pump with the liquid sucked in, which is detected by the sensor in the suction line. The advantage of these peristaltic pumps compared to other types of pumps is the contact of the pumped substance only with the tube, easy installation and cleaning, easily adjustable parameters, optional performance and relatively simple construction.

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