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Dosing pumps-electrical motor driven ETATRON

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Motor driven dosing pumps for chemical dosing are manufactured by Italien company ETATRON. These pumps are of simple design and of simple maintenance. There are two versions - piston or membrane. The main material of the pumps heads and valves, which are in contact with the pumped media, is stainless steel (AISI 316) or PVC. On request also made in version PVDF or PP.

Manual, micrometric screw lift regulated, or servomotor-controlled signal (4 - 20 mA), frequency exchanger power adjustment.


  • output from 4 up to 1027 l/hr
  • working pressure up to 2 MPa
  • maximum inlet level of water is 3 m
  • manual micrometric screw lift length adjustment (in ratio 10:1)
  • frequency exchangers
  • electrical lift adjustment (4 - 20 mA)
  • pressure sensors and safety valves
  • pulse dampers
  • casing IP55
  • class F isolation

Electrical motor driven dosing pumps

Dosing pumps "P" Series

Used for dosing of non-abrasive liquids, which do not contain hard particles, and where absolute leak tightness isn't required. Exact dosing and high dosing pressure are achievable. Possibility of dosing viscous liquids.

Dosing pumps "D" Series

Used for dosing of abrasive liquids, which contain hard particles. Dosing of highly aggresive liquids, where there absolute leak tightness is required. Exact dosing is achievable.

The pump consists of five main parts:

  • head of pump (The pumping is made by piston, which makes a reverse movement inside the head of pump. All components are in direct contact with pumped liquid. Gaskets suitable for the pumped liquid avoid leaking of the pumped media from the system).
  • reverse valves (Under-pressure in the head of pump is being produced by the reverse lifting movement of the piston. That results into the liquid through the reverse valve to the head of pump).
  • transmission (mechanical part of the pump - consists of transmitions, which change the rotational movement of the engine to a direct reverse one )
  • motor power (electro motor for a integrated frequency exchanger for signal 4-20 mA (15 - 50 Hz))
  • unit, which adjusts the lift length (That means it controls the pump capacity by adjusting the lift length).

According to the flow-through diagram, these are several pump models, which are basically distinguished by the piston diameter, pressure value, valve type and seal material. This combination provides a wide range of models to the customer.

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